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Family Security Law Group, APC is a Thousand Oaks law firm specializing in Estate Planning, Trust Administration and Business Succession Planning. Our firm has been helping families in Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Moorpark and throughout Ventura County with their estate planning and business formation needs for over 35 years.

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Estate Planning

Comprehensive estate planning covers nearly every aspect of life. It begins with protecting yourself and your personal dignity, and extends to protecting your loved ones and your hard-earned assets.

Planning an estate is “All About You”. For once you can actually say out loud, “It’s all about me and what I want!”

Our goal is to have you be in the driver’s seat during and after your lifetime. When you are in the driver’s seat of your car you decide which roads to travel and which ones to avoid, how fast you go, where to stop, who travels with you, and your ultimate destinations. Just like each person’s vehicle and destinations are unique, so are their estate plans.

Your estate plan functions as your driving directions which encompasses the coordination of your desires, your family, your assets, the law and taxes.

CAUTION: All of this changes if you fail to take the time to create your own estate plan. By your own default, you relinquish the driver’s seat and allow the Probate Court to sit in your place and dictate its own directions.

LESSON: Developing your customized estate plan is essential for the protection of you and your family members and will result in your “Peace of Mind”.


A Will is a legal document which only becomes operational at death. Therefore, you can change your will as many times as you desire during your lifetime and when you pass away, it is your last will that controls.
Learn more about Wills.


Trusts are powerful estate planning tools providing you with much flexibility and privacy. There are many different types of trusts. The role of our Thousand Oaks law firm is to provide you with the most helpful trust that serves the needs of yourself, your family and other interested parties.
Learn more about Trusts.

Durable Power of Attorney

There is a very significant difference between a Power of Attorney and a Durable Power of Attorney. A “Durable” Power of Attorney allows an agent to act for the principal after the principal becomes incapacitated, which is often times exactly when the principal needs the agent to act.
Learn more about a Durable Power of Attorney.


Your HIPAA form designates those persons you authorize to receive medical information about you. This form allows your loved ones and others to be informed about your medical conditions should you ever become incapacitated. Without a signed HIPAA form, the people you want to receive medical information may be left in the dark about your medical situation.
Learn more about HIPAA.

Title & Property Agreements

How you hold title to an asset is a simple act generally taken with no, or little, thought of the ramifications. But the ramifications can be huge! The reality is how you hold title to an asset is extremely important as it has a multitude of significant legal and tax consequences, many of which are generally not known to the public at large.
Learn more about Title & Property Agreements.

Special Trusts

There are many types of special trusts that can be drafted to meet various objectives of the client. Some of these objectives might be the qualification for public benefits, protection of assets, use of the family residence, incentives for beneficiaries, and planning for income, gift, and/or estate taxation.
Learn more about Special Trusts.

Updating Your Plan

Once you have created and signed your estate planning documents, it’s easy to put those documents away and never think about them again. However, this is exactly what you don’t want to do. Here are some of the reasons you should periodically review your personal situation and estate planning documents with your attorney
Learn more about Updating your Plan.

Estate Administration

When a person passes away, loved ones and the existing financial situation are left behind. Exactly what needs to be done and when, are common questions. Administering any estate involves legal, tax, financial, and personal issues. We have served as the trusted attorney for hundreds of estates throughout Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Moorpark, Camarillo and Agoura, guiding and serving the unique needs of each family.

Because of the legal and tax complexities involved in the administration of any estate, it is strongly recommended that the Personal Representative of the estate (Executor, Administrator, or Trustee) retain the services of an experienced estate administration attorney. This is particularly so because the Personal Representative has personal liability for all of his/her actions. One wrong step or the failure to account for all estate assets could cause the Personal Representative to be personally liable and have to dip into his own pocket to pay for his mistakes.


Probate Administration is a court proceeding that generally lasts between 9 months and 1½ years. The basic purpose of a probate is to transfer assets from the dead to the living and pay all debts and taxes of the decedent before the assets are transferred to the beneficiaries. All legal requirements must be satisfied throughout the probate process before a court order will be issued directing the transfer of the estate to the rightful beneficiaries.
Learn more about Probate.

Trust Administration

Much of the public has heard that implementing a Living Trust avoids the Court Probate process. This understanding is correct and constitutes the major reason a person uses a trust as their main estate vehicle as opposed to a Will. However, much of the public automatically assumes that if no probate is required, then nothing needs to be done when a creator of a trust passes away. In other words, when a person with a trust dies there is no administration required at all. This assumption simply is not true.
Learn more about Trust Administration.


In California, conservatorships are created by the court to protect incapacitated adults. In California, we have two types of Conservatorships: “Conservatorship of the Person” and “Conservatorship of the Estate.” The difference is a Conservatorship of the Person oversees the personal affairs of the individual, while the Conservatorship of the Estate handles the financial affairs.
Learn more about Conservatorship.


A Guardianship is created to manage the affairs of a minor person. There are a few situations where this is common. For example, deceased parents or unfit parents (because of drug use, alcohol abuse or other mental disability).
Learn more about Guardianship.

Business Planning

Family Security Law Group, APC has extensive experience in business planning law. Our law firm has assisted numerous business owners in Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Moorpark, Camarillo and throughout Ventura County establish corporations, partnership and business succession plans.

Consulting a trusted business planning attorney can enable significant benefits for you, your business, and all people affected by those business planning decisions.

Please review the following individual business planning pages below to learn more about our services and issues involved. Thank you for considering our legal services for your business.


The LLC (Limited Liability Company) has quickly become a very popular choice of business entity. Many business owners desire to limit their personal exposure and also have the ability to have taxation occur at the business level or individual level. An LLC offers all of this.
Learn more about LLC's.


Incorporating your business may be advantageous for a number of reasons. However, selecting the best business entity for your business venture is always a personal decision to be made after weighing the pros and cons of possible business entities.
Learn more about Corporations.


Partnerships are a way to establish or reconfigure a business entity that allows two or more people to be participants in a business. There are two types of Partnerships: General Partnership and Limited Partnership.
Learn more about Partnerships.

Business Succession

When a successful business person with no business succession plan becomes incapacitated or dies, the business typically rests in the hands of family members who may have no idea of the business or its operation. Often the family is ill prepared for running the business or selling it as an asset.
Learn more about Business Succession.

Other Practice Areas

Tax Planning

Taxation should always be a consideration when planning for your estate or any personal financial or business transactions. Some of the taxes which may need to be addressed (there may be others) are as follows:
Learn more about Estate Tax Planning.

Special Needs Planning

Special needs is the broad category of requirements and care for individuals suffering from a wide range of physical disabilities, medical conditions, intellectual difficulties, or emotional problems, including physical conditions, learning difficulties, and behavioral problems.
Learn more about California Special Needs.

Real Estate

Bob Triplett has held a California Real Estate Broker’s License since 1987 and has earned the designation of Seniors Real Estate Specialist. On many occasions, Bob has been asked to represent a seller or buyer as their attorney in the sale or purchase of residential properties. While representing trustees and executors of estates, Bob has overseen the sale of many homes and been keenly involved with drafting purchase/sale agreements and worked directly with lenders, title companies, and escrow.
Learn more about Real Estate.

Family security Law Group, APC has been helping families in Thousand Oaks, CA and throughout Ventura County and Los Angeles County with their tax, real estate and estate planning needs for over 35 years. Contact us today at 805-409-0108 to learn how we can help you.

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