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Serving Families and Individuals in Thousand Oaks and Conejo Valley, CA

We are here to facilitate the resolution of matters that somehow have gotten out of hand. Sometimes this can happen through calm discussion with greater understanding of the circumstances and motivations of people. Other times court procedures may become necessary. Our clients range from a concerned family member, a trustee or executor of an estate, a representative of a minor or incapacitated person, to a disgruntled beneficiary or heir.

Danger Sign

What’s the situation?

  • Someone is taking advantage of a parent (personally/financially)
  • Someone is wrongfully helping himself to estate assets
  • Disagreement as to who should be caring for a loved one
  • Disagreement as to who should be the representative for the estate
  • Question whether assets were received as a “gift” or as a “loan”
  • Disagreement on an accounting
  • Question of the proper compensation for services
  • Disagreement on the right of a person to reside in a house
  • Question on a trustee’s obligation to make distributions
  • Question on a trustee’s/executor’s handling of the estate

Generally, the sooner the issue is addressed the more likely the problem can be resolved with less complication and expense. We are here to help you in your particular situation.

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