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Retirement can be years away, just around the corner, or already a part of your everyday life. You also could be inheriting a retirement account from a spouse, parent or friend. In any of these situations there are important issues to plan for and decisions to make especially because retirement assets are generally 100% income taxable!


  • Should I have a regular IRA or a Roth IRA?
  • Who should be my primary and contingent beneficiaries?
  • How can I best STRETCH my retirement for me and my heirs?
  • Is there any asset protection for my retirement?
  • What is an IRA TRUST and how could it benefit me?
  • What required minimum distributions might be applicable?
  • Can I withdraw from my retirement account without penalty?

Your retirement funds are valuable assets and deserve special attention. There are planning tools that can maximize your retirement in total dollar payout and protect these funds from unwanted depletion.

Let Family Security Law Group, APC create a MY PROTECTED RETIREMENT PLAN™ for you and your family. A My Protected Retirement Plan™ incorporates your retirement objectives into appropriate legal documents affording your retirement nest egg the protections you desire. Family Security Law Group, APC is your only source for a My Protected Retirement Plan™.

We are here to discuss your retirement questions and participate in the planning process. We enjoy working in concert with your accountant and financial advisors so all aspects of your retirement future are professionally addressed.

Please give us a call!

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