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Attorney At Law

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Esti Miller
Attorney At Law

Esti Miller is a graduate of Loyola Law School, admitted to the California Bar in 1996.  As a lawyer, Esti started out in business litigation and after a few years moved into a transactional practice.  She rose from associate to managing partner before starting her own law practice focusing on estate planning as well as corporate, business, and entertainment law.  On the business side, she has many years of valuable experience representing individuals and companies in connection with the formation and operation of their businesses, and acting as outside general counsel to small and medium sized businesses as well as non-profit organizations.

In the estate planning process, clients share intimate details about their assets and families. Sometimes clients are ill, or they have recently lost a family member. Esti believes that the effective practice of law, especially in this area, requires the ability to listen with patience and compassion to clients’ stories in order to truly understand their unique situation, needs, and intentions, and craft a plan uniquely suited to them.  Esti is extremely grateful to have met Robert Triplett and have the opportunity to become part of Family Security Law Group, where such values are embodied. She enjoys putting her skills to good use helping people achieve Family Security and “legal” Peace of Mind. 

Esti received her BA degree in psychology from Bar Ilan University in Israel. She is fluent in Hebrew and speaks a bit of French and German.  She has maintained a lifelong dedication to growth, learning, and self-improvement, and has completed courses and received certifications in Life Coaching and Executive Coaching.  This not only helps her to be a well-rounded individual, but also proves valuable in working with clients and colleagues. 

When not working, Esti enjoys spending time with her family and friends, Iyengar yoga, hiking, and country western dancing.

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