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Robert M. Triplett
Attorney at Law

My primary goal is to provide clients with "Legal" Peace of Mind.

I founded this law firm in 1984, based on the core belief that EVERYONE deserves the PEACE OF MIND that comes from knowing that if they become incapacitated or die, their family is legally protected against:

  • Asset depletion
  • Long and expensive court processes
  • Unnecessary taxes
  • Family disputes

This fundamental belief emanated from an experience I had when I was 13 years old. At that time, my grandparents had just passed away and they, along with my parents, had thought there would be certain money available in the estate to help pay for college for my brother and me. An estate attorney sadly informed my family that this money was instead going to the IRS for taxes. Then the attorney ironically added that these taxes could have been completely avoided if my grandparents and just done some basic estate planning.

So my family had to suffer the consequences from not planning!

I remember wanting to someday be that attorney who could have helped my grandparents and parents have Peace of Mind, rather than despair. Who could have helped make sure college educations were a certainty, rather than a question mark.

Within four years of becoming an attorney, I started my own estate planning firm to set out to be that attorney I envisioned. More than 30 years later, we take great pride in providing families Peace of Mind through proprietary systems we have developed to achieve our clients’ goals of legally controlling their hard earned assets without court intervention or taxation.

If you agree with our core belief that EVERYONE deserves PEACE OF MIND by legally protecting their family, then we should be good working partners and create a long-term relationship of mutual trust and respect.

  • Pepperdine University School of Law - 1980.
  • Member of Law Review and the legal fraternity of Phi Delta Phi.

Robert M. Triplett is a frequent speaker and has given presentations to such organizations as the California Lutheran University Alumni, American Express, Pepperdine University, Santa Barbara County Bankers Association, Ventura County Women's Bankers Association, MENSA, and Parkinson support groups.

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