First Responders

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You’re Dedicated to Protecting Your Community…
Now Protect Your Family

As a first responder, you selflessly face danger each day at work and put yourself in peril to serve your community. You know firsthand that life is fragile and tragedy can strike without any warning.

Like most first responders, you’ve had your fair share of calls that have hit close to home-the type of incident that leaves you with an almost desperate desire to call your loved ones just to make sure they’re okay. How many times have you used those incidents as a platform to caution your family about the dangers that exist and ways to avoid them? But what if the danger doesn’t get avoided . . . what happens then?

First responders estate planning

For all the effort you expend taking care of others, you have an equal responsibility to your family to ensure they are taken care of in the event you get injured, or worse. You know from your training and experience that the key to controlling a risky situation is to have a plan and not leaving the outcome to chance. Our attorneys also know first-hand what it’s like to be a loved one to a first responder and how essential it is to be proactive in guarding the family. Without an appropriate estate plan, the security of your family’s future is in jeopardy as they would be left alone to face:

  • The inability to make medical or financial decisions for you
  • Hiring an expensive attorney and being subjected to probate court
  • Paying unnecessary taxes
  • Minor children taken from familiar surroundings and placed with Child Protective Services
  • Custody battles and family conflict


In recognition of your contribution to our community, we are offering a special 15% discount for first responders on estate planning services. Contact us today to schedule a free 30 minute initial consultation.

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