Pet Trusts

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For many of us, our four-legged family members are just that—FAMILY. (Some of us might secretly admit that they are our favorite family members). Who else displays the same love and enthusiasm when you walk through the door as your faithful companion? And they give it all while asking nothing in return-except, of course, that you walk through the door. Imagine your pet’s fear and despair if you didn’t come home. Your world is so big, but their world is just you. Sadly, in the United States more than 500,000 pets are euthanized each year because owners die or become incapacitated without setting up a plan for their pet’s care. Our legal team can help you create a pet trust to protect your pet should you become unable to care for it.

While many pet owners lavish their pets with love, affection, designer outfits and orthopedic beds, they often overlook what will happen to the pets if they are no longer around to care for them. One can only hope that a friend or family member will step up to take care of the pets, but there are no guarantees. Don’t leave your furry (or furless) friends’ future to chance–consider working with our lawyers to create a pet trust when setting up your estate plan. Wanting to provide for your pets does not make you eccentric or extravagant, it makes you human, caring, compassionate, responsible and loving.

Thousand Oaks Pet Trust and Planning

By establishing a pet trust you can ensure that money is set aside that can only be used for the benefit of your pet and that those assets will be used to provide for your pet’s care until your pet passes. You can also designate the person(s) that you would like to act as your pet’s caretaker. If assets remain after your pet’s passing, you can direct that they be distributed to other beneficiaries.

The love, loyalty and joy pets provide is immeasurable, and they deserve a secure and loving future and you deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have taken the steps necessary to protect your entire familyBook a consultation today to schedule an initial consultation.