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Estate Planning

Living Trusts • Power of Attorney • Medical Directives • Wills

When people think of estate planning, it sounds complex and intimidating. But for individuals that want to plan ahead in the event they become unable to make their own financial or medical decisions; for parents who want to ensure their minor children will be in a loving home with trustworthy guardians; for families who care about transferring their assets without conflict when they die; for those concerned about minimizing death taxes, thereby passing on the entirety of their estate to their beneficiaries….Family Security Law Group is skilled at making this process relatively simple.


For almost 4 decades, our firm has helped clients create custom-tailored estate plans with the goal of maximizing the value of a family’s legacy, while minimizing the stress and expense that comes with a failure to plan. Our clients receive strategic advice, coupled with unwavering patience and compassion as we help you navigate decisions about how best to preserve your assets from avoidable taxes; how to determine when an inheritance should be distributed to beneficiaries to protect those beneficiaries, particularly young ones, from unwise spending or influence of others-including spouses; to help you evaluate who should be in charge of managing your estate and to help you create specific instructions to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled. These are all decisions you should make beforehand to diminish family conflict and should not be left for the courts to decide, which is typically an expensive, time consuming, and arduous journey.


At Family Security Law Group…we guide you through the entire process to make the experience easy.


We Deliver Peace Of Mind.

There are several legal documents we prepare to reflect the specific needs of each individual client.

These may include:

• Wills

• Living Trusts

• Powers of Attorney

• Health Care Directives

• Guardian Nominations

• Special Needs Trusts

(If you have a loved one with special needs, you are likely concerned about your loved one’s ability to receive necessary care particularly when you are no longer able to provide that care yourself. These trusts are designed to protect government benefits for people with differing abilities who have received an inheritance, while at the same time creating a fund that can supplement services not provided by those benefits but that would improve the beneficiary’s quality of life.)

Family Security Law Group offers a complimentary 30 minute consultation for individuals interested in creating an estate plan.

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