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We'll Protect You & Your Family Today and Tomorrow.


For over 35 years Family Security Law Group has been creating long-term trusted relationships with our clients and their families. We invite you to join our growing family of satisfied clients where lifetime relationships are built on mutual respect and integrity.


The attorneys and staff at Family Security Law Group are just like you. We all have families; some with adult children and others with young kids. Some of us have lost parents, while others have parents with physical or mental health issues, as well as parents who are fully enjoying their retirement years. But what if any of us gets sick, or has an accident, or suffers from cognitive decline? What if we are no longer able to manage our affairs, or make important life decisions? Does your family know what you want? Do they know what to do?


We understand these questions and know how to protect you and your family if something unexpected were to happen to you. We understand the complexities of family relationships, and the friction that often occurs when clear, written directions concerning medical care and distribution of your assets has not been prepared in advance. We understand the dismay your heirs will feel if a significant portion of their inheritance were subject to avoidable taxes; and their frustration over the time and expense of having to involve a judge and the court to resolve these kinds of issues.


That’s why it’s so important to invest in an estate plan. An estate plan can include documents such as a will and trust to prevent probate and direct the distribution of your assets; a healthcare directive to convey your wishes about life support; a durable power of attorney to  authorize a decision-maker in the event of incapacity, as well as guardians for your minor children.

Regardless of your current family and financial situation, the lawyers at Family Security Law Group can help you prepare for these inevitable life events with an affordable and custom tailored estate plan.

Importantly, our role as a trusted advisor during your life carries on after death as we continue to serve and guide your loved ones during the administration of your trust and distribution of your assets to beneficiaries.  Additionally, we understand that not everyone plans in advance and, when a probate is necessary, we are here to patiently and skillfully navigate you through that process.


Our purpose is simple, to be there for you now and to be there for your family when they need us.


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