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Welcome to Family Security Law Group, APC

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At Family Security Law Group, we practice estate planning from a unique perspective, a personal perspective. Our boutique law firm has been cultivated by attorneys who, shaped by their own challenges, have devoted themselves to navigating others over the roads we have traveled. We are here to guide you safely past the pitfalls and accompany you to a place of security, knowing that you

and your loved ones are protected. Our Thousand Oaks Estate Planning firm offers an unparalleled level of service, backed by over 60 years of collective experience counseling more than 1,500 families, but what sets us apart is the comfort and connection our clients feel, knowing that they are working with a lawyer who has stood in their shoes. Our 5 star client reviews reflect our commitment.

Empathy is a Cornerstone of Our Firm’s Philosophy

The firm was created in 1984 from our founder’s deep desire for other families never-encounter the despair his own mother experienced when avoidable estate taxes had to be paid in her parents’ estate. Our current members include an attorney whose husband faced a near death drowning and another attorney, who as a young mother, received a life-altering diagnosis and had to ask herself, “was I prepared for that?” and “would my spouse and my children have been okay if things had turned out differently?” Those are tough questions to answer, but we can tell you from experience that answering them after the fact is far more difficult than addressing them proactively. For those, and all the other tough questions, our Thousand Oaks Estate Planning Law firm is here for you.

Our legal team considers it a privilege to guide clients through the decisions they face when preparing an estate plan and strive to listen and communicate with warmth and compassion . . . because we’ve been there.

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We are actively working with our staff members right now to ensure their safety, and the safety of our clients.

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