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Radio Interviews

How Trusts Protect

Your Privacy.

What Happens to Genetic Material After Death?

Estate Planning for Those With Special Needs.

Estate Planning Lessons Learned From Football.

Where To Keep My Will Or Trust.

A Trust Exists, There's Been A Death, Now What?

The Gifts You Make During Your Lifetime Can Impact Your Estate Plan – Whether You Know It Or Not

Thinking Of Adding A Child As A Joint Tenant On Your Home . . .

Think Again.

Am I Required to Include My Spouse and Children as Beneficiaries of My Will or Trust?

Why Teenagers, Particularly College Kids, Need An Estate Plan.

What Happens To My Social Media Accounts And Other Digital Assets When I Die?

Is An Existing Estate Plan Still Valid When You Later Get Married?

Why An Estate Planning Attorney Is Essential During A Divorce.

Do Your Parents Have An

Estate Plan?

Trust Me, It’s Not Junk!

When You Die, What Happens

To Your Real Estate?

Learn Why Even Young Adults Need

A Medical Directive.

Learn How To Protect Your Children From Getting Disinherited By A Step-Parent If You Die First.

Beware of Gift Taxes When Giving Money To Your Children.

Why It’s Important To Update Estate Planning Documents.

What Impact Does Moving Into Or Out Of California Have On Your Estate Plan?

Does Your Will Or Trust Name Those Who Won’t Be Beneficiaries?

Why Does An 18 Year-Old

Need An Estate Plan?

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